Loupyone's Range

It's not the tundra....but it's home.

8 May 1979
All righty. This thing is apparently here to stay, so perhaps I should have a real actual intro. Excuse me while I fall back on my theatre roots and write in the 3rd person.

Loupyone is 29 years old. A transplant from New England, he moved to Davis, California, in the fall of 2001. Loupyone is working on completing his PhD work at UC Davis in the field of chemistry. Yes, he is that crazy. He is currently finishing work on his dissertation.

Loupyone studied karate. He has a brown-black belt and should have been testing for black in the fall of 2005. A disagreement with the school management has derailed this ambition for the time being. With his now "copious" free time, he enjoys gaming, with his main game (Mage: Ascension) being set in San Francisco and dealing politics in that volatile city. He is running an alternate Spirit of the Century game while the Mage game is on hiatus. Loupy also runs LARPs at Kublacon and an ever popular 7th Sea game/campaign at DunDraCon. In an effort to stay in shape and gather yet more martial training, Loupyone took up historical fencing a couple years ago, studying the methods of Capo Ferro, the Italian fencing master. He is looking to find other students interested in a study group in the Davis area starting fall 2008.

Loupyone also dances, and loves it. Currently he dances with the Merry Pryanksters, an English Country dancing group that tours ren faires in northern california. He also attends Gaskells, PEERS and Friday Night Waltz, and discovered the joys of working Fezziwigs at the Dickens Christmas Fair in the winter of 2004. In the 2006/2007 seasons of DCF, he enjoyed his role as young Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge, again with Fezziwig's Dancing party. Most recently he returned as Dr. Kettle.

If he could change one thing about his life, it would be to somehow include time in his life for more singing and acting. Despite a long association with theatre in high school and college, he has not been active in that forum since.

So there you go. Facts, hopes and even a wish. Read and enjoy, if you wish. Please do say hello.