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Rules for studing Evil at an advanced level [Mar. 3rd, 2008|01:09 pm]
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Given that I am the Mad Scientist of There, I thought it only appropriate to share these with other aspiring mad scientists.
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posty mc-posty pants [Feb. 6th, 2008|03:37 pm]

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color green, which embodies the characteristics of youth, wealth, vigor, aggression, coldness, jealousy, greed, corruption, sincerity, hope, growth, stability, money, luck, prosperity, fertility, cooperation, employment, and healing. Green falls under the element of Earth, and symbolizes our planet's fertility as well as life itself.

Personality Test Results

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meme-age [Jan. 9th, 2008|06:16 pm]

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Drama Nerd

You sure do love the spotlight and probably have a very out-going and loud personality. Or not. That's just a stereotype, of course. Participation in the theatre is something to be very proud of. Whether you have a great voice for musicals, or astounding skills for dramas/comedies; keep up the good work. We need more entertainment these days that isn't television and video games (not that these things are bad, necessarily.)

Science/Math Nerd
Gamer/Computer Nerd
Literature Nerd
Social Nerd
Anime Nerd
Artistic Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

Notice how all the bars are really full? I guess I'm just a big well-rounded nerd.....
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Post-BLITEOTW [Jun. 14th, 2007|02:36 am]
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[Tunes |silence]

Hey all-

I'm exhausted and getting on an airplane in not too many hours. I'll do a recap when i have time. Suffice to say,I had a great time writing and regret, only a little, leaving myself and my new found cohorts floating along. It's better without firm resolution though, I think. In reality, it wouldn't get wrapped up in a day, unless I died, which I managed to avoid.

Welcome to the dozen or so people that added my blog today. It's not usually this exciting, I promise, but you're more than welcome to stay. Please introduce yourself, and better yet, tell me how you found me.

Fun times. Can't wait until next year. Cooperative storytelling at it's finest. I, like noirem, also wandered around the real world today seeing zombies and building new encounters in my mind. I still have a little story that ever got told, but I may just save it up. The time between the Gym and the bus depot. Hats off to ailurodragonand eriktdahl for playing with me in this crazy scheme and let me take over their actions to small extents. If I at all trampled your ideas, I apologize. Feel free to feed me to the zombies next year. Sorry I couldn't get more people in, but it became a logistics issue.

Well, goodnight all. Pleasant dreams and peaceful wakings.

PS - yes, I know it's spelled "the." I just have a block when trying to type it fast.
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We made it. [Jun. 13th, 2007|11:45 pm]
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[Current Location |USS Iowa]
[Feelin' |exhaustedexhausted]
[Tunes |blessed peace]

Helluva day.

I had to put beth in back with john and dana. Luckily, I am apparently a quick study at driving the bus. Well, I managed not to kill anyone (important) on the drive to Pedricks. I'm sorry evilpheemy, I couldn't go look for Craymore and Cerelaith. We were in no condition. Maybe we can try a rescue mission soon. Keep hoping.

We got to Pedricks eventually and with a few new hood ornaments. No one wanted to go in at first. They were all still in shock. I did all I could do.

I ponied up.

You know, I had a friend in an RPG once that hit on the tag line, "Let's get these ponies moving." That was what that moment felt like. I shouldered a shot gun and put on a shoulder holster with a 9mm. I'm better with the .22 target pistol, but I'll trade for the extra oomph. Anyway, I walked of the bus and slowly toward the building. It looked deserted, though the door hung open. About halfway there, I heard a sound behind me. Dana and John were disembarking, weapons ready.

Me made it inside and it was empty. Just lots of food. We signaled to those int he van. eriktdahl headed the group that started getting food. I think he just needed something constructive to do. Poor guy seems to really be beating himself up. John, dana and I continued a sweep of the rest of the building. We noticed one of the cooler doors hanging open and inside there were about 20 zombies! We slammed the door closed and stacked some boxes in front, but the banging started immediately. I guess the fuckers don't like the heat either. We barricaded the rest of the coolers and freezers , just in case and beat it back out to the front room. We all managed 5 trips or so, concentrating heavily on the dried fruit, nuts and like food stuffs before I ordered everyone back to the bus. I'd heard a crash from the back and it was time to go. By the time the bus got moving again, zombies started emerging from the store. There must have been more in there as well as they kept coming. We're lucky we got the drop on them. Maybe a few more days of this hot weather will knock them out. I watched one of them fall to the hot pavement and convulse. I hope that's a sign.

We radioed to ailurodragon and let him know the situation. After same initial confusion over who was where and some radio problems that delayed our communication, we arranged to meet at the weigh scales just before the entry to 680. Plenty of open area and maybe some cops if we were lucky.

Our bus, or "ZombieGrinder" as we've christened it, made it there without too much trouble. The highways are a bit tricky to navigate, but it's not the mass gridlock I feared. No "The stand" scenario, thankfully. We arrived at the and found two police officers (CHP) in a lone patrol car. they'd apparently thought it was a good place to hole up for awhile too. They had several zombie copses burning in a pile and seemed very happy to see us. We visited and shared stories until Ailurodragon arrived. Seeing them was good too, and I think the time just spent sitting and visiting really helped my crew re-center a bit. I also managed to find an outlet to recharge the laptop. Stating to run low on juice, so that was good.

After a quick meal and some redistribution of supplies, we headed down 60 toward the mothball fleet. We weren't the only ones with the idea apparently. Some of the ships seemed to be underway somehow. And someone brought zombies. This might explain why some of the ships seemed to be on fire. One ship, a bit farther out, the USS Iowa, seemed to be untouched by anyone. After a brief discussion, we decided to make for that one. The zombies seemed concentrated mostly near the shore, so all we needed to do was get out away from it and we would (hopefully) be safe.

We loaded our supplies in various duffels and inflated to rafts, which we lashed to the roof. The plan was to drive straight into the water and launch from the top of the bus as the water slowly filled in. It seemed like a good idea. When we hit the water (and the zombie wall), the windshield shattered. Beth was cut up pretty bad and a couple people simply got sucked into the water. Aside from Beth and a few people that never surfaced (underwater zombies?), everyone seemed to end up ok. We managed to get the rafts detached and got most every one and the supplies out to the Iowa without trouble. We've got beth bandaged up at this point, but she lost a lot of blood and some people are looking at her fearfully, even though she wasn't bit.

So, now we're on the Iowa. I put John in charge of organizing a watch while Ailurodragon's engineers are trying to figure out how to make the boat run, or even if it can. No idea if we have fuel. Not sure we need any. I figure we have enough food to last several days and the boat has an old holding tank that actually has some water. A bit metallic, but it's potable.

hold on....phone.....!


M just called. It seems that Hawaii did have a similar problem, but a very unique solution. Apparently, at the same time the zombies rose up, so did the menehune (little people?) and some manifestations of the volcano goddess, Pele. Hawaii, apparently, takes care of its own. The dead were quickly consigned to flames and re-death and life continues there with trepidation, but not outright panic and chaos. Thank god. Rather, praise Pele.

Damn....what about my family!?! Worries for tomorrow. I can't take anymore right now.

Anyway, here we are, 50 or so souls on an old boat floating in Suisun Bay. Somehow, Ailurodragon and I seem to be in charge. I guess he who gives orders ends up with the title. For now however, he and I are retiring with Jack to finish my bottle of Lagavulin 16. We'll see what the morning brings in the morning. John is in charge, along with Dana and Alyssa. We're still on 77MHz VHF FM if you can read this. We have room for more here. Bring food and ammo. We could use meat, fire to cook with and ammo (9mm, .22, .45 and shotgun shells) All arrivals will be strip searched. Please don't make us turn you away. Batteries welcome, scotch encouraged.

Eat, drink, and be merry......

Woodbury out. God bless the living and bring peace to the dead.

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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Adventures in Big 5, or Welcome S mart shoppers! [Jun. 13th, 2007|07:35 pm]
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[Current Location |Unitrans bus?]
[Tunes |re: your brains]

Things were going too well.

We're back on the road, but we've taken heavy losses. ailurodragon, we'll wait for you at pedrick for awhile, but if we see significant resistance, we'll have to jam. We'll be in touch on teh radio. Luckily, we still have that.

We made it to the Marketplace pretty much intact. 24 of us at that point. We split into 3 teams of 8. One for safeway, one for big 5 and one to guard the bus. I hit big 5 with John, dana and a few others. We approached cautiously, but things seemed quiet. Maybe the whole thing was blowing over, I thought at the time. The front window had been smashed in but we didn't see any movement inside. We went in and started looking around, piling things into a couple random carts. batteries, flashlights, other basic survival things and a couple rafts. Not much left in the way of weapons, as they seemed to be pretty picked over. We did find two zombies inside, which we dispatched without too much trouble. They seemed to be moving even slower. Maybe they're dieing off?

Then the gunfire. It was muted a bit at first, but soon became clearer. We ran into the parking lot only to see Torres running out of safeway with his shotgun blazing behind him. Zombies were pouring out the doors. We ran across the lot, three "civilians" pushing the carts as the rest of us readied weapons.

Then the zombies didn't stop pouring out the doors.

They just kept churning out. I don't know why they were all in there, but there were dozens, hundreds, it seemed. I can't, no, I won't describe the carnage. We fought to retreat. We regained the bus, barely. Except for Torres, no one else left the safeway. We lost several others too, at some point. We tore out of the paring lot, Beth diving through tear clouded eyes. We're all in shock. We got down on 113 and stopped to regroup. There are only 12 of us now. We've lost a good number of guns and ammo. We've lost a good number of people we cared for and thought we'd saved. Dammit! We'd have 13, but Torres just got off the bus. He was bit and refuses to accompany us any farther. The remainder of the rotc crew, myself included aren't taking that well.

I don't think i can do this anymore. I'm tired. I've been shot. People are dead, dying or worse. Dana and john are at the back of the bus rocking in each other's arms. Beth is staring straight ahead, hands gripping the wheel. I think her knuckles are white. I'm....numb. I'm trying to keep myself distracted so I don't have to think. I'm making to many jokes and laughing a bit too much. I don't want to be in charge, but I don't see anyone else stepping up. We can't fall apart now. I can't fall apart now.

Still, we've got to move and we still don't have food. I'll go see if Beth still thinks she can drive. ailurodragon, we'll be there, somehow. Don't count on us being there long. Don't count on anything from us, apparently.

Still no word on M. Anyone have news from HI?

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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On the road again [Jun. 13th, 2007|05:59 pm]
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[Current Location |Unitrans bus?]

You know, sometimes I like technology. Apparently one of the cadets had a satellite modem type device that he got from "daddy." I have no problem commandeering it, as I seem to have turned into the communications officer.

I'll get to what happened early today later, for now, here's what's going on:

We met ailurodragon at the bus depot. Just in time I might add. His small crew was just about to be set upon by a sizable zombie mob when we arrived. Jack was yelling and firing the gun for all he was worth, but they would have been overwhelmed. Torres gave a few sharp commands to the squads and we fanned out, taking the mob from two angles while avoiding direct fire at Jack's crew. We're still not the best shots, but it's been a long day of practice.

We finally dropped the last one, taking no more losses, thank gods. The bus had taken some damage, but we think it'll still run. We didn't want all the windows anyway. We were then blessed with a few moments of calm. Damn it was good to see friendly faces. I mean familiar faces. Any face that looks like it has a pulse has become friendly. Anyway, Ailurodragon wanted to head over to vet-med and the ROTC guys wanted to supply, so we've split into to groups. Myself and the ROTC guys left with the intention of hitting a few pick up spots in Davis for friends and family and then head to Safeway in north davis. We left one of the ROTC gals familiar with the radio unit with Ailurodragon so we could stay in contact.

We left and cruised up to A St to pick up eriktdahl. Beth, a stocky junior cadet was driving as we pulled up. Not a lot of apparent zombie activity. John and Torres, our best shots, popped open the roof escape hatch and rigged a couple boxes to stand on and used it to fire at zombies near by. Myself and the rest of squad B ran for the door, shouted my ridiculous pass word and were admitted. Erik's really shaken. I understand. I just can't do that now. If I stop at this point I won't start again.

I think we were in and out in under 10 mins. Good thing too as some zombs started wandering out of nearby houses. Torres and John took care of them, but things were getting tight when we took off again. We've secured the rear doors so they won't open. That should help. We're running around davis making a few pick ups for the rest of the ROTC people now. God thing we have our own bus.


We just stopped and picked up a few stragglers. they look ok, but but dana gets the unenviable task of strip searching them int eh back of the bus while two other Rotc guys (too many frickin names) stand guard. We're up to almost a full bus. Heading to Safeway now.

I'll give you an update when I can

Still no word from marissa. S**t

Cell service seems to be "better" in that it's intermittent. Call me if you can and need pick up. I think the plan is to hole up at the mothball fleet.

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2007|05:17 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Leaving Shields now. Long story. We'll be at the depot in 10 mins. Around 13 of us, all with green camo armbands on the left arm. We'll be armed and lkely firing. Listen for the megaphone as well. ailurodragon has a bus fueled and waiting. I'll explain the rest of my afternoon later. Either I or ailurodragon will fill you in on what happens when we get a chance, but I'm still for making a run to the mothball fleet and holing up there. should be dead easy to secure once we get some food stuffs.

Good luck to all who are still reading this. God bless.
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Still Kicking [Jun. 13th, 2007|03:00 pm]
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[Current Location |Armory]
[Feelin' |shockedshocked]

All righty. That was nasty.

I made it though. I left the bike in lab. For such a short jaunt, I figured I'd be better off on foot. I was headed toward the Silo at first, but the gunfire was heavy. From the steps of Chem 194 I could see the zombs swarming toward the retreating defenders from the north. I didn't see as many zombs to the south, so hopefully people got out that way. I ran through the temporary buildings and past wellman to make it to hickey. For the most part I just ignored whoever I saw. Most of the people outside at this point aren't in a very human mood.

So making it to hickey ended up being the easy part. inside was a war zone. No, really. Funny enough, the cadets and their instructors had much the same idea I did, and they didn't have to figure out where to go first. I spent several minutes retching before I could continue into the gore shrouded building. It was really quiet. I hate to say it, but too quiet. I wasn't quite sure where to go, so I had to hunt down one of those building maps on the walls. Then I had to...wipe it off.

I'm feeling sick again just typing this.

I made my way through the halls until I heard scrabbling coming from a nearby room. Peeking in teh door, I saw 4 of them. Fuck. They were clustered on teh ground obviously munching on some..thing. It's better to think of it as simply something. I started to move away quietly, only to slip on something in the hall. I fell with a loud oomph. I was up and away just as quickly. I didn't even wait to see if the things noticed.

That's when I first heard the gunfire.

I made or it, figuring that gunfire meant resistance. They'd barricaded themselves at the entrance to the armory. A literal wall of zombs was attacking. I didn't know how much longer that could continue. Suddenly there was a flash and a loud bang and ...well, i guess I blacked out for a moment. (I found out later that someone had actually had a grenade) When I came to I saw several students with rifles and a couple shotguns prodding the creatures on teh floor and occasionally shooting them in the head. I started to stand, only to have several guns sweep my way. I dove behind the corner as a shot rang out...

Fuck! I've never been shot at before in my life and this makes twice in one day. The bullet must have clipped me as I dove, 'cause suddenly my arm was on fire. Thankfully it wasn't one of teh kids with a shot gun. I called out in pain and shouted at them not to kill me. I couldn't hear very well. Everything seemed muffled. Someone yelled something and a minute or so later two men and a lady came slowly around teh corner, each with weapons leveled. I sat there and clutched my bleeding left arm. It hurt like a bitch and I couldn't move it very well. I'm not ashamed to say I pretty much lost it at that point, being covered by three guns, having just been shot, and only now realizing that I was covered in zombie ick.

Anyway, they dragged me back to the armory and literally stripped me down. I was shaking and really didn't offer any resistance. They gave me a once over and only after that did someone with a bandages come up and start looking at my arm. I still don't know how bad the damage is, but it hurts like a bitch. I can still move it and they said it missed the bone, but I don't know how much I can depend on it. I did find out that getting stitches without any anesthetic really fucking hurts.

The guy in charge here is SFC Joseph Torres. He's involved with the ROTC program here at Davis. He's not sure where his CO is (Capt. Beagles or something) but he's been organizing the ROTC cadets that showed up. They weren't to keen on giving me a weapon, but I managed to convince them I was a decent shot (thank you Major for taking me shooting) and that I could follow orders. I also convinced them that this armory isn't going to stay secure if teh same wave of zombies I saw at the Silo head this way. Torres ordered us to pack up and handed out literal packs full of supplies. Not much int eh way of food, but they did have plenty of ammo and some spare weapons. I tried to et them to swing by teh library, but they said it was too dangerous. Sorry barelyproper. Good luck in Sac.

So, there're 16 of us. Torres split us up into 2 eight man squads, one headed by him and one headed by a young lad named Reggie Black. I must have 6 years on him but he's in charge, so whatever. Damn they all look so young. Anyway, we're about to head out for a little recon. Everyone has someone else they want to check on and Torres is being a bastard and keeping a lid on all that noise. I guess it's necessary, but it sucks. I'm going to mention the idea of heading for Travis AFB or maybe the mothball fleet. James had a good idea there, I think.

Speaking of, we have a radio. We are currently tuned to "77 MHz on the VHF FM band." If you know what that means, we have two people carrying radios. Contact us. I think we're headed for the Unitrans bus depo eventually. Try to meet us there. I'll try to update in another couple hours.

I tried Marissa's number. all lines busy. Please be ok. Damn my arm hurts.

A note: flesh wounds still suck, I don't care what action movies or 7th sea tells you.

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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WTF? [Jun. 13th, 2007|10:57 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |UCD]
[Tunes |ITEotWaWKi]

This can't be real. I'm looking over my flist though, and it's not just me seeing it. Sonofabitch.

Well, good news: the sirens stopped sometime around 1am. I figured crisis over. Man, was I wrong.

The park was the worst.

Woke up this morning, normal routine. Didn't notice a damn thing out of the ordinary. Made lunch, watered the plants and got on my bike. I wish I'd driven in today. Seriously, north of Covell seemed pretty normal. I think I saw the first one in the Nuggett parking lot. It was just kind of wandering around, bumping into cars. I only gave him/it a cursory glance though and kept on going. It glanced at me and changed direction, but it was moving slow. Biking up Covell toward the overpass, one guy in a car slowed down long enough to yell at me. I couldn't catch it entirely over my iPod, but it sounded like "get the f--- out" or something. Rude driver I figured at the time. More like good samaritan, it turns out.

I saw 3 more when I was crossing the overpass. I heard the screams first. They were down on the tracks and had grabbed some jogger or something. I was on the point of riding down the (very steep) embankment when she stopped screaming. There was blood. Lots of it. I sped away, in shock. Still numb, I continued along my route, heading through Rainbow City Park.

Avoid this at all costs. They were kids dammit. A couple dozen, maybe more. Half were on the ground and the other half were screaming as a few .... things attacked them. I ditched the bike to try to help one young kid being held by one of the things. Took out its knee with a side kick and then booted it in the head. It smelled so bad. It dropped the kid and looked toward me from its knees. I kicked it again and again. It grabbed my foot at one point and I think it meant to bite me, but palm to the face seemed to silence it. For good. The kid I'd been intent on saving looked ok. He's got some bruises and a couple cuts, but he seemed ok. He, of course, started screaming and tried to run away. I grabbed him and told him it would be all right.

Looking over his shoulder though I saw one of the "dead" kids start to twitch. She had gotten pale and well her eyes were dead. Not even animal, just dead. I tried to wrestle the kid onto my bike, but he got a lucky hit to the groin and wiggled out of my grasp. He ran toward F st as the zombie kid started to crawl toward me. I lost it again. I left the kid, whoever he was, running away. I hope he made it. I wanted to help, but it was all so weird, so fast. Shit, I ran. Got back on the bike and booked it. They don't seem to move fast. They just kind of shuffle. Lucky for me I ride every day. I was able to out pace and out maneuver the rest of teh ones I saw in the park.

The high school was pretty bad too, thought eh parking lot was more than half empty. Given that it's usually packed, I worry about where everyone is. Once I got into the residential neighborhood, things quieted down. I was on autopilot. I stopped for 15 mins and just breathed. Someone came out of their house holding a gun and I freaked again and got moving.

Campus is bad. There were a lot of them here. I don't know why. Police had a check point set up halfway up California avenue. I barely made it that far and almost got shot in the process.
Now that I'm here though, things seem a bit safer. The Silo is some kind of refugee camp. I grabbed some food and came over to the chem building. Familiar surroundings I guess. At least it's still locked. I guess the janitor never unlocked it this morning. I threw the couches up over the windows and I've got a bunch of caustic chemical bottles ready to chuck at something.

I don't know if they're zombies or what, but they seem to act that way. Shit. WHy haven't I watched more zombie movies? I don't think Sean of the dead will quite cut it and I really dislike how dawn of the dead ended.

Been reading teh flist. Sounds like people are having teh same problems. ailurodragon seems to have firepower. I ight try to hook up with im and his crew. barelyproper has a rifle too. We should try to get together. UC Davis has an armory. I think it's over in hickey gym with the military science department. I'm gonna head over there and see if I can get some weapons.

Damn, I don't even have my sword. Who else is out there? We need to get together! My cell service seems to be down. ALl lines are busy. try to get me on my lab line 530-752-3***.

Shit. Gunfire. gg.

Blog like it's the end of the world.
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