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Stupid undergrads [Jun. 13th, 2008|01:22 pm]
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What's these people's deal?

Yesterday was graduation and then I went out for dinner with the parents and Tim. Nice time, Osteria Fasulo is back in top form with the return of their head chef Adam. On the way home we saw a bunch of people running across 5th and into those ag fields by 113. I figured they were students being dumb. Anyway, I got dropped off at home and slept in.

I got up this morning, threw on some clothes quick and headed into Sac for breakfast with the parents. I saw a couple empty cars on the cause way and there was an accident scene where one had apaprently jumped over the rail into water below. I guess it happened last night, cause no one was around, though it didn't look like they'd finished cleaning the area. There was one guy standing by the wreckage. I asked if he was ok and he just said uh-huh, so I drove off.

Anyway, breakfast was nice. Sacramento seemed to be hopping. Is teh Capital always that busy on Friday mornings? It seemed like there was a lot of security running around. They were shouting at some guy trying to break through a barricade and I actually saw them tackle the guy.

Mom and Rich hopped into their car to go to the airport. I told them to call me when they hit Vegas. I even gave them a couple bucks to throw in one of the airport slots. I jetted back to Davis. I had to go catch the bus as my bike was already on campus. The streets seem quiet except for a few dogs and cats and a couple random people. I saw some people stumbling about, a group of about 15 undergrads it looked like, but yesterday was the last day of finals and I figured people were just hung over. For all that though, campus is fairly deserted. I've had my nose buried in grading and I have to go upstairs and chat with sarah a bit.

I haven't had time to really catch up on LJ in a bit. Anything important I've missed?

Blog like it's the end of the world.

[User Picture]From: ladyfox7oaks
2008-06-13 10:45 pm (UTC)
Just a few things... that crazy comet from about this time last year? Yeah- it's been spotted again... they think it might have been turned around by Venus' gravity further into the system, but that seems a bit odd to me.
Stay safe, and don't let yourself get dragged down by all that grading... it could be a killer.
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